Angle Grinder recommendation

If one were to say… buy a new variable speed angle grinder. What would the best bang fo the buck b?

I don’t have any VS models. I have a bunch of DeWalt and the old HF orange grinders and all have served me well. Having multiples lets me swap grinders to do different things instead of swapping disks on a single grinder back and forth. That said, from what I have read, the 20V grinders go through batteries quickly, so if you are doing a lot of grinding away from wall power, I’d go with the 60V Flexvolt or whatever other brands offer. I seem to recall similar comments about line trimmers when they first came with batteries. Otherwise, I would suggest considering multiple lower priced models over a single high priced one, depending on your actual needs.

Why are you in need of a variable speed angle grinder?

If you’re looking for something to cut metal with, a harbor freight $20 angle grinder will work great for years. If you are looking to bear down while sanding and or removing hard rust on metal, you’re going to need something with better bearings and angle drive. So, you may be stuck spending more money on something like a DeWalt or Milwaukee.

I would not recommend using an angle grinder to buff a painted part…

The sad thing is, I don’t think there is a shop in Wichita that does repairs on DeWalts any more. That was handy when my Dewalt’s brushes wore out.


I guess I’m going by misinformation then YouTube guy said different disks have different speeds. I was going to use it to clean up welds, maybe some light rust removal, perhaps some wood sanding (like on a fence). I just hate buying tools twice.

Fyi for heavy rust removal we have a car charger and a big grey plastic tub. Bring your own electrolyte (I recommend sodium bicarbonate) and please do it outside. If I come in with a baking soda and rust tea boiling in my ERP lab I’ll make who ever did it drink it all.

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