And then there was one

After a exhaustive fight the Prusa has been crowned the one working 3d printer at the maker space. :frowning:

Sorry. We (MakeICT) will do what we can to get the other 3 back up and running. I will try to spend a few hours looking at them this weekend.

Tom , is there anything I could do to help you get these printers back up to running?

I have 2 of my own printers that I rebuild and keep running all the time … if its simple stuff I would be willing to put some time into the machines.



I welcome any help.

If you can reach out to I can go over what I have tried, and we can go over what you feel you would like to tackle. It may remove the speed bumps .

Thank you.

I’m planning to go in today and work on the Rostock and CR-10 if you want to join (or anyone else). The Rostock just needs the firmware updated to compensate for the new plate. For the CR-10 we probably just need to go ahead and replace the hotend since it keeps having issues. I think we have all the parts for that.

i’ll try to join in tonight around 730

any eta on the parts for the ultimaker that you know of?

Christian started the project, so he can elaborate.

My understanding is that all of the parts (motor/bowden tube/ combined hotend) are here. It is an issue with the mounting plate and fan shroud.

Since we are not using the stock central gantry. The upgrade to multi material hotend may need to be adapted. We may have to make one or spend some more time googling and 3d printing.

For me it will be Laser -> 3d printers.

Yeah, we have the parts we ordered, but the adapter that I printed turned out to be for a knockoff Ultimaker 2, so it doesn’t fit right. We need to design and print an adapter that actually fits. It should be fairly simple, but it hasn’t gotten done yet.

We made some great progress on the 3D printers over the last couple of days (big thanks to @heathenfire79 and @devin for helping out). The Rostock is up and running with its new bed, and the CR-10 has a brand new e3d hotend that shouldn’t have the clogging issues that the stock one did. Both of these printers are now operational.

The Ultimaker still needs more work. It’s going to take a bit more design than I thought to get the new hotend to fit. I hope to make significant progress on it over the weekend.


Thanks everybody who helped! Love when people see a need and just jump in and fix stuff. This is the kind of stuff that makes me love the space. :slight_smile:

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