Ammo Mural (1st Mural Ever!)

I was asked if I’d like to help color a wall of the building my husband works on, so of course I said yes lol.

Here’s the design I came up with:

Here is the very large multisheet guide I printed with City Blue Print. It was a little under $30 for just the line vector printed to a big size, and it was really handy to have for the placement. (Admittedly though, it ended up bigger than what I measured for, and yet fit prettt nicely lol…scary moment thinking it was gonna be too big. Who let me do math?!

I had struggled for awhile to figure out how I was gonna get the design on the wall, and finally settled on using my POSCA paint markers to mark the back of the paper and then push it against the wall, and it worked pretty well! I jumped around a lot, but mostly started with the bottom and worked upward so I had less paper to flip lol.

Day 1 complete, tomorrow is priming (just the design and not the whole wall, otherwise I would have done that first).


Day 2 was awhile after Day 1 because I was tempted to order some Zibra brushes…they’re eveything I wanted them to be lol. Started taping off for some crispy lines…

And then primed! I’m happy the guidelines I made are not completely invisible lol.

Tomorrow I fiiiinally get to paint :grin:

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Day 3 was getting that purple on with a new brush, and it ended up drying darker than I’d liked so that will need to be brightened up. In the process of trying to save it though, I made a nice dark grey I ended up using for the shading on the letters. Normally I would not go darkest to lightest, but I’m also not in the habit of wasting paint lol.

Day 4 was getting specific lines straightened out because I’m a perfectionist :laughing: tape is setup for highlights now…


Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

These colors are SO pretty in person, I wish everyone could see them :sob:

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Day 8

I have no words to describe how satisfied I am to see the bomb finished (minus small cleanup) :heart_eyes: onto the letters!!! I may wait til Monday because I have a market to be at this weekend.

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