Amazon smile

Amazon says they sent us $111 for the quarter because of makers like you and me using to shop - thanks everybody else who does this!

my new years resolution was to make fewer impulse purchases on amazon so now I have a personal rule that stuff must be in my cart for 24 hours. I’ve found that in that 24 hours, I tend to remember to check local used sources for the things I need and it’s saved me a lot of money. or I realize I don’t need it at all. or if I do need it, I remember that amazon smile deal that they kind of hide out of the way!


We also have at least $140 we need to collect from FB. Another way to celebrate your birthday and give back to the space or share a post and add a donation button.

I think I raised around $100 for makeict on my bday, for the Facebook charity thing.

No need to collect, both Amazon Smile and Facebook send it out on a regular schedule.

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Good to know we’re all set up. If it’s not to much trouble, @David could you give us a rough estimate of how much we’ve collected through FB? Are we using PayPal for that and do they distinguish it?

Facebook has the info to make direct deposits into our account, although I scanned through the last year’s statements and don’t find any credits from FB or Facebook. It’s possible I’ve missed one, but I don’t think so. I’m not sure we’ve had any from them yet. We have gotten 4 deposits from Amazon Smile, though, for a total of over $400 in the past year.

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They may do a paper check. In glancing at your emails in the past, there’s one that says they issue a paper check, but another one seemed to indicate that they do direct ACH deposits. I’ll figure out which it is (if not both) and dig them out tomorrow or Friday when I get a few minutes.

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I know I tried to set it up but didn’t have the bank information to complete the process. I know you’ve been busy with other things so I didn’t force the issue. The money might be labeled Network for Good because that’s the entity they work through as well as PayPal.

Just got my quarterly email from Amazon - they’ve sent us a total of $952.87 since the program started! I’m glad I’ve been better about remembering this, I order all my pet food through amazon so I’m a pretty regular shopper.