Amature seemster

I have dabbled in sewing since I was a kid but was never been formally taught.
I have been able to make dress shirts that look well and not pieced together.

So the question I have is, I got a simplicity pattern.
In the past i have cut out the pieces and transfered onto cloth.
Is there a better technique that dont involve destroying pattern?
I want to keep it in tact.

Honestly, my grandmother would just make a copy of it. In the age before computers she would use transfer paper, after that she would just copy it in a copier and cut the copy out

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Oh wait! I’m useful!

So I make schtuff sometimes out of leather. I buy templates and sometimes I download a pdf of a template.

Instead of printing it everytime I glue it to cardstock and carefully cut it out. Weaver has a stiffing plastic (to give better shape to bags) it works good for this too.

Hope this is helpful

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If I like a pattern and know I’m going to use it again. I back it with iron on interfacing. That is one thing I do to preserve it. I never plan on using multiple sizes if it’s just for me. I also don’t pin my patterns I use pattern weights.

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Pattern weights. That’s different from a c clamp somehow.

If the grandkids ever stop dragging all their damn toys all over the house I should take and make sommadoze.

Interfaceing though. I’ll have to look into that…

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