Alexa Control with ESP8266 Feather Huzzah

I have been playing with the feather huzzah on several projects. One is controlling each of my garages. I am using the same signal used by the button in your garage to activate the opener. This one signal opens or closes the garage depending on what it did last. I may have been able to dig into the opener a bit more to find a better way to control it…but I went with this approach.

On my first version I used one board and setup two garage doors on it. can see below I used a four relay board to trigger openers signals. This worked ok. But if power were to go out the opener would activate. Not a great situation if we had a power outage in the middle of the night.

So, I decided to add open and closed switches. I used a relay featherwing instead of teh separate relay board. And I am splitting out the control to have one device per door.

I 3D printed switch brackets and an enclosure. And I laser cut the cover. I am pretty happy with the performance. One potential problem is if an open or closed switch malfunctions or becomes improperly adjusted…it can get hung up in a loop and constantly open and close the door. I will get back to squash that bug. I have one completed and will install the other two today.



I am also working on curtain control with one of these boards too. I am using an A4988 to drive the stepper. I am using a NEMA17 with a 10:1 planetary gearbox…but I am not sure I needed to do that at this point. I have three of these projects I plan to install in my house.

I have seen some similar projects online. One difference here is I am using limit switches for opening and closing. I felt not having visibility to the limits would surely end up with something getting broken.



I love seeing other members using these I got about 10 ESP8266 on order for like 2 months now and some relays cant wait to get them and start building projects for my alexa. I’m a big fan of home automation.

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So cool. I love home automation projects. I would seriously love to see some of these happen at the space. :slight_smile: