Aerosol/VOC inside

I was working on the 3d printers last night for a few hours. There were some strong smells in the space last night.

There seemed to be a strong smell coming from the print shop @Mlujan . I don’t know enough about that area to know what should be coming from the emulsion or printing ink.

There was some discussion in the metal shop about spraying something I think it was a coating on a laser engraved wood piece.

By the end of my time there I was starting to get a headache. I only have so many extra brain cells, and I reserve my beer drinking.

Please be kind to the others in the space and think about what you are doing inside the building.

If there are processes at the MakerSpace that utilize High VOC products, please let the Building Modification WG know about those products and what space they are used in.

I use some on my wood turning and try to keep them out of my Better Half’s nose. She has not liked them forever.

The Mod WG, would use this knowledge to increase potential or supplemental ventilation in a specific space. We could set aside a special ventilated area, for their use, if a number get used. We may also be able to identify a certified low VOC product that could be used instead.

These products are not worth much of the risk that we put ourselves through. To ID a VOC containing product, Think about that traditional new car smell, or the newly painted room smell, or the new house smell. UL and other testing companies certify Low VOC products.

More info available here.

In case other people are like me and wondered what VOC was…

Low VOC paints have reduced amounts of volatile organic compounds, meaning they don’t off-gas as much as traditional paints.