Advice for Lawrence Creates

Any advice here for the guys from Lawrence? (This came from a Facebook group I am in.)

Eric Kirkendall
20 hrs
We are preparing to buy a laser cutter/engraver for the Lawrence Creates Makerspace, and are putting together a request for quotes.…/1albdMKf4U4Af2CbYjXPjZVkgLC…/edit…

Among the candidate machines are the Epilog Zing, FSL Muse, and Boss ls-1416.

If you have expertise in these machines, can you please take a look at our first cut Request for Quotation, and see if there is anything critical missing from our first-cut draft minimum specifications?

Note - We will make our decision based on price and capabilities, so it this does not have to be comprehensive. However, we want the specs to encompass a range of machines, and not exclude any good candidates.

404 error on the link for a Google drive document. Looks malformed, like a link from a forum protected against web crawlers. So probably you would need to copy the link again, then use the link tool in the editor to correct your post.

Mike B

Thanks Mike

I copied to my drive… see if this one works :wink:

That link works. Thanks.