Adventurous hard working folks wanted!

Some of you know me from working on the new school, I am helping with Electrical. What you may not know about me is what I do for my “day job”.

I work for a company that does contract work for the National Science Foundation. Every summer we hire all sorts of people to deploy to a small camp on top of the glacier that covers Greenland. From helper, to Electrician, cooks to heavy equipment operators we are always looking for good folks.

After meeting so many of you I thought that the folks of MAKEICT are adventurous enough and for sure hard working enough to maybe want to explore the world a bit and get paid. You will have to pass a physical and have a passport. We will pay for the physical, pass or not, then we pay your way to Greenland! Typically the deployments are 2.5 months or so.

If your interested here is where we have the jobs posted. If you have any questions dont hesitate to ask! I can answer everything and if you want I can meet you for a meal and tell you everything you ever wanted to know!


This is SUPER cool! My summer is spoken for, this year, but is it an every summer need?

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Yup we hire this time every year. Summer season starts end of April to mid September and are always looking for folks anywhere and evreywhere between those times.