Adler 067-GK373

@rustin.atkeisson has secured a donation of an adler 067-GK373 this machine is made for sewing up to 1/4" leather, but some claim it can take up to 3/8". It will be a great middle ground between the Sailrite and Tachsew. We will need to fundraise for a table and servo motor. I thought it would be about $300 but I researched this morning and it appears to be more like $500-$600 to purchase a table and motor. I’ve got a couple feelers out for quotes. If you would like to donate to this cause please mark donation for leather machine table and motor.

Could a table be built for this purpose? I might like to help with something f that sort for help learning to sew leather!
P.S. I think we got the scarecrow head in that donation too!


We do have a woodshop seems silly to buy a table… but then I’ve never made a table


Buying the legs and building a top was an option I did consider. I’ve got some questions out to a couple different places. The only one I found online to fit it was a table and motor combination.

I started a part-time job today at an auto upholstery shop. I happened to mention the donation and we were needing a table and motor. They may have a table that we can have for the machine. I will keep y’all updated.


I wouldn’t suggest building the table with a wooden base. I would expect a steel base can provide much better stability and hold up to the vibrations better. Covered with a melamine top, this would make for a very nice surface to work on.

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I might also suggest putting it on some good casters too.


Seems you are becoming quite the caster expert :stuck_out_tongue:


I like having wheels on everything. I use to work in a sewing flex space.

I got a table and motor donated by my work. It can be picked up next Saturday January 22. Anyone available? I know it will fit in my Xterra, but my husband is in Austin until the 28th at least. I will need help loading and unloading.


I can help with the transport of the table & motor if you like. Let me know if you still need help & I can forward you my phone # via PM

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It’s going to be next weekend I will keep you posted

Ok… great… you have my number.

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10:30 tomorrow at Stylecraft

1148 N Mosley
Wichita Kansas 67214

I will call you sometime after 4 this afternoon 512-712-3495


Ok… see you then…

Machine is in place thanks to @TMac and John. We’ll need a few small things to get it up and running. Oil pan attachment to put machine on the table and speed control rods between motor and foot petal.