Acrylic in boiler room

I was told to ask the fablab about the colored acrylic pieces in boiler room on pallet rack. Two questions:

  1. May we clear one lower shelf to make room for starting garden plants? We would cinsolidate onto another shelf.
  2. Is the acrylic up for grabs? If so i would like a couple pieces to try turning on the lathe.

AFAIK all the acrylic in the boiler room is up for grabs. You might wait for a response from the other guys though. :wink:


The acrylic was a donation to the space, so yes it is free for all members to use. We do ask that if you are going to use it, you consider dropping a donation into the box in the shop that you use it in.


acrylic is interesting to turn from what ive read. lustercraft, i believe has the special glues to laminate it together. youll need to keep it cool when turning as i understand it if you go to fast and it gets hot it will glue itself back together. i fiddled with it back in college but never turned it. hmmmm

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The word glue is being improperly used here.

The method of bonding acrylic normally involves a cement that sort of “chemically melts” the acrylic. This allows the two mating surfaces to become one, much the way welding metal works.

The melting and cooling off acrylic while cutting, drilling, or otherwise working it is also not a gluing. Again, this is the material welding itself back together.

You are correct that acrylic, and other plastics, for that matter, can take special processes to work with them. Especially with thermoplastics, temperature must be kept down. The most common cause of heat in this instance is friction. Therefore sharp tools must be used to ensure the tool is cutting and not rubbing. Surface speeds must also be kept low. High feed and low speed work best. Tool geometry also plays a part.

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glue was used as a generalized term, its more of a solvent and is considered a hazardous material in its own right. I chose the solvent type and a big hypodermic needle and used the capillary method when i was building boxes and what not back in the day. making sculpture isnt fun unless there’s danger involved.

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Yet another spot we could use an info sign on. That reminds me of a song. Let the ear worms commence their singing…

Yes, the acrylic and lexan is free game for use by any member. If you feel the need to donate for the use of material, the money would go back to the general fund.

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