AC Unit spitting water

I wasn’t sure where to put this but the “window” AC unit in the Printshop just spit out water when I turned it on so I shut it back off…yuck.

Can someone tag the appropriate person to fix this because I have no clue :sweat:



Joe has already identified a problem with that AC and I know he’s worked on it some already.


Anyone know if this has been fixed yet? Last time I came in a few weeks ago the AC unit was open but I didn’t try to turn it on since…well it was open lol. I’d like to come back and work some but I really need AC. Intense heat shreds my skin from heat-induced eczema.

Unless the water is getting on your work, it isn’t hurting anything. My guess is it was a plugged drain line and has been fixed, but if not, it’s just water condensing on the evaporator from cooling the humid air.

It IS getting on my work, materials, and in the way of an already small room’s very little available table space…the only thing that would be helpful for me to use the space at this moment is knowing I have adequate AC for me to work in. That isn’t asking too much.

Not saying it shouldn’t work right, but it’s been relatively cool the last few days. It also cools down a lot in the evening after the sun goes down.

It looks like somebody has spray foamed the air conditioner around the evap so it probably doesn’t spit water now. That said standing here in the room, it’s not chilly, but it’s not uncomfortable so if you need to make prints, you should be able to do so.


Thank you for the information! I hope to get back in there and not have to sweat so bad anymore. It was miserable :tired_face: