A shop on my website

Web based sales! Malissa Long Wear

I final set up my online shop. I’m making artistic mask and upcycling kimono scraps.

Hopefully, we’ll know tomorrow, if we got the house we want and I’ll need to generate a little more cash for the move.


Unfortunately, didn’t get the house but we’ll keep trying.

Sorry you did not get the house.

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Sorry you didn’t get it but that perfect house is out there waiting for you. Keep looking!!

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We are the backup offer if it falls through, which is possible on HUD REOs. I just sent my husband another house that was listed today. Hopefully we’ll be first in line on something we both like soon. I’ve sold 13 mask which is a positive as well.

I found sewing machine of your site going to see tomorrow excited. It’s a Brother I hope it’s good. Going to make curtains for the porch and cushions, pillows. Giving you the four leaf clover of luck.

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That’s great your selling masks!!! If machine is good I want to pick up some of the hair scrunchy to try so I can practice sewing.

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I know right where they are so I will make them visible and I have the instructions where I can share them online

Been making these for customers

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