A project for a customer, and I got a new toy!

I’m doing a project that intercepts digital pulse width signals, then does some stuff with a server, then sends a modified copy of the signals to a big old sign…it’s a confidential project, so I can’t do much more in the way of details. Anyway, I’m using an ESP32 to do it all.

But the coolest part is that I had an excuse for getting a new toy:

Rigol DS1054Z Digital Oscilloscope - Bandwidth: 50 MHz, Channels: 4


That’s cool!

It’s always nice to get a new toy!!! Have fun!!


I have the Rigol DS1054Z and was unable to unlock all the optional features using http://rigol.eccentricworkshop.com/. Make sure you update the firmware first!

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That is a great Big Person Toy. I’ve long known that our toys just get more expensive as we age. When I was 12, I put a crystal radio together for 5 bucks from my paper route. I am now putting together a kit with my grandson, 30 bucks.


If you got it recently, it should have all of those features unlocked by default. Once it became easy to unlock all of the “optional” features, Rigol kind of gave up on keeping them as add-on purchases and just started selling the DS1054Z with everything enabled anyway. I got mine a few months ago, and everything I tried to add was already installed.

That’s awesome. It’s a shame when devices have built in capabilities that companies lock down just to squeeze a few more bucks out of people… cell phone providers come to mind. Good to know!

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Anyone remember Sun workstations and severs, Burroughs mini’s, other computers having RAM and extra CPU’s requiring very expensive codes to unlock? Back when RAM could cost $250,000 for one Megabyte?

Now I feel really old mentioning this.

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