A job for the CNC?

I am building a set my Christian Performance Theatre and would like to recruit some help in making the above. I know that I don’t have the authorizations to use the equipment that is needed, but would love to learn how to do it and if someone is willing to work with me on this.

I would love to sit down with someone and describe what is needed and what we are trying to accomplish.

Any takers? Volunteers?


Do you have the structural part of the design done?

Your material choices will dictate what can be performed on the equipment at the space.

That is a large piece. The shop bot will accommodate 4 x 8 wood sheet goods.

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I have some one splitting the job up into appropriate sizes. And i will be using 5mm plywood and then attaching what you see here to a skeletal structure so that we can hang if feom the ballin on stage

Wood or metal? Or 3d printed (still technically CNC)?

Eta: just read the last reply with mention of plywood. Sure wish people would specify what CNC they are talking about.

Hmm, I have never heard anyone refer to 3d printing as part of the CNC process.

Question, will the set piece be up for the entire production?
Is hanging the piece from the ceiling an option?

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yes, and it ill hang. We have moved on though due to time constraints. We will be cutting it ougt of insulation foam with a hot knife.


Honestly, with the size of it foam is a very good option.

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