A Greatful Heart

Before I post piece I need to share a little back story!
Carol’s car had been acting up it was underpowered and ran terrible we put it on the scanner and it threw 4 codes 3 of which were exhaust system and one #4 cylinder misfire.
So we went to Bill’s American muffler suspecting a clogged cat.
This muffler shop I feel is a strait shooter and dont take advantage of people.
Anyhow it came back as not clogged.(and he did not charge me to look btw).
My next step was to try the coil pack on cyl 4 and plug I changed them both and no success.
I was about to take it to the auto repair shop knowing he would soak me in cost,
When I remembered my neighbor Bill who is a ace mechanic with a heart of gold I thought I would bring it over to him to maybe help me identity the problem so I could maybe fix it myself and save a costly repair. What I found out devastated me upon inspection my neighbor discovered one of my lifters was not moving I’m thinking expensive engine repair.
Without even asking Bill grabs a few sockets and wrenches and we start pulling the valve cover we further discover an additional lifter not moving. Both were stripped out. Bill said no problem it is a common repair on 3400 engines and we got a helicoil kit and repaired it.
It purrs like a new born kitten.
When I asked Bill what I owe him he just smiled and said dont worry about it.
What is amazing is Bill is retired military and a patriot with a heart of gold. He loves eagles.
And since he would not let me pay for his service I made him something at the maker space after all we have a unique skill set here.
This is what I came up with


Frank that is magnificent and you also have a heart of gold!!!

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Bravo! You and Bill are the best. What a great story. Thank you for sharing