A first-ish project: 10 year video

So the Multimedia committee, which meets generally every 2nd and 4th Tuesday at 7pm. Has been formed and we are going for a few ideas.

One of these is the audio podcasts. Which should work pretty well. If you haven’t seen the post MakeICT Podcast Channel Name POLL Vote for your favorite name.

The second will be a video of our 10 year anniversary. We officially got our letter back from Kansas on Dec 12th 2012. (Though there were events before that kicking it off.)

(We’ll see if this works, if not I’ll upload it to youtube. For those curious, It’s a simple keyframe animation in Blender, and the logo was kind of the type intended for movies, so feel free to comment on it. It does break a rule, Logo and branding - MakeICT Wiki The one about not altering it, for some reason…)

Frankly one of the big challenges is that we like making and not necessarily documenting. (Or announcing) Amusingly for anyone who has looked recently, when looking back at some of the earliest messages, one of them was: Pis are in stock. Which seems very familiar, unfortunately.

If you are interested in helping, We’ll doing this over a few months, Scripting, and shooting things like interviews, editing video and then finalizing the video in advance of whatever big party we do. (If you are interested in helping with that, watch some notices by the classroom/event committee.) Same with the podcasting, which we’ve been doing some experiments with.

Another thing we’ll be doing is making a camera rig that’s movable so that people can setup cameras to record them doing things using a frame, and position-able arms. (Manual for now we are trying to keep scope creep down. One thing that Multimedia/AV has from the moment it’s been mentioned is wanting to do ALL the things, so these 3 are kind of the starting projects. And we all love shiny)

We are planning on having a seminiar/workshop type class to introduce people to it and some regular classes as well, The first one will actually be on OBS - Open Broadcaster Software. (Should be scheduled Tuesday, at/after the Multimedia & Classroom Committee meetings.) Others on the plans will include Blender for video editing/animation, Audio editing, DSLRs/Mirrorless Camera use, & Astrophotography.


I’ve been using the signing date of Dec 3rd on past events. Is that not correct? What should we be using? Shouldn’t we agree to what should be used and stick to it?

There are some free apps and software for movie editing. Has anyone used any of those and want to talk about the good and bad of it?

Honestly, There are a couple of dates which could be used for that. First event, First meeting, First letter sent, First letter received. To me it doesn’t matter much. I just used the first date I found. I’m not sure there’s a “correct” date.

However, That got me started on a trip down memory lane. (Worse than linking someone to cool new projects, because you are reminded of uncompleted cool projects that you may have started years ago… )

Just for reference the first event was the 2012 Halloween challenge:

The first in person one was the Learn to Solder workshops on Nov 16th and 17th at WSU’s Shiftspace (Which was at 400 N Mead, caddycorner from the downtown warren across from the Yard, not sure what’s there now. Maybe “Dawn’s Designs” per google maps)

The first big gathering Dec 9th:

I’m pretty sure the snowflake Audrey shared was something I printed which at the time represented relatively ok 3D prints (It wasn’t a blob, and resembled the shape it was supposed to be!), and It’s just so bad by standards today. However, There were only like 3 people who even had 3D printers at that gathering, and most people had never seen or even heard of a 3D printer.

First news article I could find on MakeICT: https://www.bizjournals.com/wichita/print-edition/2012/11/23/groups-hope-to-establish-makerspaces.html

@TomM @james.a.seymour @Jens @dom Any of you want to comment, on an official date, as you (and a few others I can’t find the forum handle to tag started before that.)


Dec 3rd should be fine. That was a great sandwich by the way.

Check out the google photos because there are photos of those events and more. The lumi event, that was turbo fun! The meetup we had under the highway… later on there is makerfaire trips to KC and tulsa.