A few new tools

Sawstop room as follows:

6" fractional dial caliper (on shelves bellow table saw extension)

  • The fractional caliper is great for checking cut dimensions at the table saw and for sneaking up for final thickness at the planer

36" Aluminum Straight Edge (hanging on rolling pegboard display)

  • This straight edge can be used to check the table alignment on the jointer and as a reference on stock to access warp.

ShopBot room:

Router-guide (southwest corner shelving)

  • The router guide is a fence for the hand router, if a work piece is too large for the table router, using this can often provide the same results.

23 gauge pin nailer (with brad nailers, southwest corner shelving)

  • this pin nailer drives tiny tiny tiny fasteners. It’s wonderful for positioning jigs or holding applied moldings in place while glue dries without leaving big nail holes.

Also got more Titebond II and put bench casters on the large jet lathe (not pictured).