A Farewell of Sorts

Hello All,

My family recently received the news that we’ll be moving to Illinois so that my wife can attend medical school. We’ve been bracing for this for many years, hoping that she would get into KU here in Wichita. Alas, it’s a highly, highly competitive process and we have to go where she was accepted. We don’t have an exact timeframe for when we’ll be moving, but no matter what, we’ll be gone my late May. As such, I will need to separate myself from the community garden. I’m sad to do so. I know things have not been easy the last year and half, but I was hoping to start fresh and have a good season. We’ll have to do a ton of work to get our house ready to sell, which will eat up all of my weekends.

If you would be interested in taking over, please contact either me or the Board. If there is not adequate support within MakeICT to keep our garden going, I have reached out to the Extension Office and inquired if they knew anyone who would be interested in joining MakeICT and taking over. We’ve done a lot in the three short years we’ve been doing this and it would break my heart to see it be discontinued.

As for this year, at the very least, we can get the raised beds cleared out and rented and perhaps create a couple in-ground plots for those interested. We also still need to take down the gourd trellis.

Please reach out with any questions or concerns.


Thanks for all you’ve done to help maintain and improve the garden. Hope you’re able to find a good community out in Illinois.


I’m stepping in to help move things forward as we seek a new area lead.
We will have a cleanup and meeting on March 2nd at 10am
We’ll miss you and be wishing you well, Sean!
Happy Making!!!


Congratulations and sad to see you go.
Thank you for your hard work with the Garden and MakeICT.


Aww, I was really looking forward to working with you Sean!! But I pray that you will be able to move smoothly into your new place and have a great time there.


Congrats on the wife getting into med school! Sorry you are leaving… but I think it is for a good cause. Where in Illinois are you headed. I think there are several makerspace there.


Peoria. And yes, they do have one!