A/c in fab lab

The A/C in the fab is not turning back on does anyone know what # Fuse i look for in the bolier room ? I cant find that one to reset ?

Honestly, with all the issues this has caused, it n may be best to disable it until the breaker issue can be sorted. Especially if it is tripping because it has been tripped too many times, it may not be reliable anymore.

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I know it is harder on the plug, but is there a reason we can’t just take the knob back off and just unplug it when not in use?

We need to make a knob that can only go to the good settings…

Sounds to me like there are no good settings. Fix the electrical issues first!


Summer isn’t forever! Just think of all the poor folks in the Pacific Northwest that don’t even have AC! (of which I will be one soon)