A/C in cold shop

Heads up, there is now a 12k BTU A/C unit installed in the jewelry.

It’s not going to make the room an instant 72F, but it will help drop the humidity, making the higher temps feel less like you’re melting in there, and should help with resin casting.

Big thanks to Steve Owens, Roy Lyon, Michael Atherton, and Kim Nguyen for helping with the install!


LMAO! I did nothing! But thanks to the rest of you guys! <3


I didn’t do much, but thank you to everyone who did the hard work to get the unit in. Jewelers can now get back to pouring out precious silver and shiney stones instead of sweat from the unmentionables.


This. Is. EXCELLENT! Thank you!

Fyi… Ran the AC in the cold shop for an hour and a half and got the temp down to a comfortable 76 F temperature while the hot shop is still muggy near 87 F.


The heat helps welds wet out better!

I am trying to passively cool the hot shop now… I’m a bit surprised that by putting up bubble wrap insulation over glass block did drop the temperature coming off that part of the windows by 3 degrees.

Apparently running the exhaust fan is another good way to remove heat from that room with out spending more cash. I might sit down with John Nicholas and pick his brain on how to make it easier to cool the hot shop without putting in LED lights or an A/C unit yet.


You’re amazing! Thank you!

So exciting!