8/11/21 Forge Committee meeting minutes

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Topic: Forge Committee Meeting @ MakeICT Lounge
Time: Aug 11, 2021 07:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada)

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Hey Forge Committee,
Where are you storing your committee meeting notes. I picked on this expecting them… but they are not here.
Are they hiding under metalshop or are you going to have your own wiki page?

It’s my bad, slow to report. Doing so now.


  • Michael Atherton - Vice Chair
  • Dean Day
  • James Lancaster
  • Tom Bloom
  1. 2x72 Grinder
  • Mike A. / Rustin A.: Work to completion of project slow/frozen due to outstanding time commitments.
  • All parts to complete project present, just need time to cut/weld/fit/test.
  • Question about belt material procurement raised. Unknown quantity and grit for grinder already on site, will try to get inventory of grit/type.
  1. Insurance Issue
  • Much discussion around how/why this has hampered the committee.
  • James L. had copy of the 2016 West Bend policy in effect during operation of forges at Douglass building.
  • Unsure of possible changes/restrictions in place with the current policy.
  • James L. would try to obtain the up to date policy language and look for changes/issues.
  1. Foundry
  • Dean D.: Ability to bring up a small scale/size foundry operation in relative short time
  • MakeICT currently has very small scale foundry abilities in jewelry lab for lost wax/spin casting.
  • Holding off further discussion until insurance matter is cleared up.

Cool. Didn’t mean to pick on you. :slight_smile:
The notes are technically supposed to be on the wiki. It doesn’t look like you have a wiki page. I can make that for you if you like… and show you how to link notes on there. Or I can direct you to someone who can.

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I don’t have access to make/change wiki pages and to be honest never edit/added to any wiki in my life. If there is a procedure to get that access and a little how-to I can look up i have no problem with migrating things to the wiki, the forum under metalshop just seemed like the logical place people would go for info.

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If you can post on the forum, I don’t think you will have that much trouble with the wiki. Contact IT@makeict and tell them you need access to edit the wiki because you are doing notes for forge and they should hook you up. Also ask for a makeict email address and access to save in the Google Drive.

It would maybe take half an hour to show you how to hook things up.

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I got access and churned out a page with minutes that are basically copy/paste from the forum with links back to the forum page. I’ll try to make the forthcoming minutes less of a hack job and, time permitting, clean up the older ones.



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