3d scanning

Can you scan a hardware part for me? I need it in one of these file IGES (.igs)

STEP (.stp)

SolidWorks (.sldprt)

PTC Creo (.prt)

Parasolid (.x_t and .x_b)

ACIS (.sat)

Autodesk Inventor (.ipt)


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I moved this to the FABLAB topic area…thingy. @jameslancaster usually has something useful to say, what kind of part is it? How big is it?

:grinning: It is a small bracket, maybe 1.5x1 inches, that I cannot find in any hardware store. I think it is made of steel. When it is printed it needs to be made out of a strong material. It supports a track that holds a sliding door. Thanks for your help.


Whell… if its printed here it’s going to be made out of plastic. I have seen 3d printers that do metals. But that looks like it would be easier to make with a brake and a drill press. @rustin.atkeisson what do you think?

Yeah, that could easily be modeled and printed, but any plastic material would most likely not be strong enough. I agree with James that it would likely be simple to bend a new one out of metal, but that isn’t really my area.

Is that the shape it is supposed to be in, or has it been bent? The top part looks off to me.

This looks like a pretty straight forward ‘break-form’ part (industry jargon for a folded up piece of metal). I could probably knock out a copy in an hour or two with a pair of calipers and the pan-break we have at MakeICT.

How soon would you need the copy made?

Can you make these with a brake and drill press? I am ignorant of these things. If you can, I will bring this for you to make. :+1:t2::blush:

Whenever you can do it. Can I watch you make these? That would be something I haven’t seen.:+1:t2:

I’m tied up with a project at MakeICT for most likely the next week or so.

I might be free on Sept 28th if you are up for swinging by my shop to crank out these parts.

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Fair warning that’s how it starts. You watch a guy make a bracket, then you binge watch YouTube videos of people welding things and the next thing you know you have a nice collection of solid steel powder coated tool boxes you made yourself as well as a big knife you forged from a railroad spike in a fancy hand tooled leather wetformed sheath you made.

Then you start eyeing the woodshop cuz you need new dining room chairs and there’s a lathe class next week…


…our CO is necessary before any work can be done at Booth outside of the remodel. Thank you for understanding.

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I think Rus was talking about at his shop at his house.

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Yes, that would be fine. Sept 28th. What time and address? How much would three of these be? Thanks. :blush:

Ehh, no charge if I have the material on hand already. (If you can tell me how thick the part is, I can dig through my scrap pile). You’ll probably have to spray paint the parts afterwards.

I’ll probably be free after 4pm. I’ll DM you the address later.



I’d say by measuring around 1/8th of an inch or a smidge less.:blush::+1:t2:

I will surely pay you for your time @nd effort. I can’t fine a hardware piece like this anywhere.

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It looks like barn door hardware, have you tried tractor supply, atwoods or similar farm stores?

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It’s for a sliding pocket door.