3D Printing setup computers

Hello. I am a real newbie here - just became a member last week. A couple of weeks ago I took the 3D Printing Basics class and we used the laptops to set up parts in SLIC3R and send to the printers thru Octoprint. I have used the Wright Brothers laptop (yesterday) to send a few prints to the Creality queue, but I have not printed yet. I am wondering how I can use the Prusa? Is the computer that’s set up at the 3D Print station the computer to use for this? Should it be used to set up for all the printers? And does the Prusa use the same login/password: maker/maker?

Thank you!

Laura Shank

The Thinkstation in the FabLab has all the latest profiles on it. Running the Prusa is mostly the same as the others, but there are a couple key differences which are listed on the Wiki page: http://makeict.org/wiki/Prusa_i3_MK3.

Okay - Great! Thank you