3D Printers for auction

Fab Lab has five 3D printers for sale using the 3 Nerd Rule (Property removal - MakeICT Wiki). Some should be functional and some likely don’t work. If you’re interested you can power them up and attempt a print but please don’t attempt to use the network - it would need to be a direct load.

The auction sheets are on the bulletin board by the office.



Happy bidding!


I looked at them, but wasn’t for sure which ones worked. If there was a way to know if they worked I would be happy to put in a bid.

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I think the only way to know which ones work is to attempt a print.

Does anyone on the forum have any experience with any of them? I know several of them were donated (maybe early last year?) but I don’t remember which ones they are but I believe they were said to be functional at the time.

BTW, just because they may have extra parts laying on top of them doesn’t mean they don’t work. We were cleaning out supplies and put ‘bonus parts’ on the machines that we thought the parts might work with.


2,3 & 5 are the printers I donated and they were all in working order. The Ender 7 is stock while the Ender 3’s where converted to Klipper and I donated Raspberry PIs for them as well.


Thanks for speaking up!

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