3D Printers are Up

Good news FabLabers. The 3D printers are now operational at the new space. If you have completed the re-orientation and have used the MakeICT 3D printers and know how things are set up, feel free to starting making some prints. If you haven’t used our printers before, we will get some classes going soon.

At this time the Prusa, CR-10, and Ultamaker are set up and should be operational. The large Creality Ender 5 printer is a new donation to the space and that has not yet been set up. If someone wants to take that on, feel free to do so.

The computer that has the slicer and network access to the printers is set up on the gray table in the middle of the room.

At the moment we are pretty low on filament. I’ll be getting that stocked up as soon as possible too. The filament rolls are on the shelves in the SW corner of the room. Remember that we do ask that you help us cover the expense of filament by weighing your finished print and contributing 4 cents per gram in the orange jar on the the printer table. There is a postage scale on the table as well.

If you have any problems with the printers, please send email to fablab@makeict.org or post here on the forum.

Thanks everyone for your patience as we get things set up at the new space. Other equipment will be operational soon.


Frank’s got 10 rolls of filament for sale for $100. That might be a worthwhile investment.

I know that we haven’t historically collected as much as our filament has cost us. I doubt if anyone would scream too loud if we went to 5 cents a gram to see if it makes a difference. Something to think about, anyway.

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My mistake. Frank pointed to a sale on filament that ended a while ago.

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I’m interested in taking a class, I hoping I don’t miss the signup.

I got a profile configuration i use on my ender 5plus for prusa slicer at home works great i just do not know how to set up make icts PCs i do not want to break anything.
I’ll try to get it up there soon

I can take a crack at the Ender 5 tonight probably. Are we still using Octoprint for all of the printers? If so do we have a Raspberry Pi for it?

No pi for it it will have to be manually loaded until we can get one

Whoever works on the new 3d Printer, please get with IT before putting it on the network so we can get the IP address and Name all sorted out.

Just an addition weigh your finished print AND support material.

Ender 5 pro is printing fine. I just had to configure the BLTouch and set up the Z offsets pretty much. EEPROM has been updated with the proper configuration.

Since we don’t have a Pi for it yet, we can only print via USB or SD. I used Pronterface to do my testing. Plug your laptop/computer to the USB port on the printer, connect to it in Pronterface, open the gcode file, and click print at the top. It’ll do the BLTouch measurement, heat up, and then start printing. I recommend just printing from SD so you don’t have to leave your laptop there all day/night, but that’s just me.

The latest dev build for PrusaSlicer (I’m on 2.3.0 rc2) has built-in profiles for the Ender 5 Pro that work great.

Note: I had to steal the power cable from the CR-10 because I couldn’t find another one

I got one around the house I’m sure, I’ll bring it in

did you see a box with printer ?

@Frank I’d you can’t find yours I definitely have one around that I haven’t used in a while, I can bring it in on Monday night.

I’m heading up to space with one now


Thanks @jacejfrancis and @Frank

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