3D Printer - Solidoodle 3

I’m wondering if anyone would like to buy a 3D printer I have that I don’t use much. I’ll be posting this on marketplace as well, but I figured I might have a better chance here.

Solidoodle 3, updated with a 32-bit controller, TMC2100 stepper drivers, and Marlin firmware. The frame is bulletproof - that was one of the big advantages of this printer when it came out. All steel angle frame, so it’s very solid. But it’s a few years old, so the motion system could use a tune-up - new belts, cleaned and oiled bushings, etc. I also modified the hotend to use an E3D clone instead of the original Solidoodle hotend, which was poorly designed. I also printed some brackets and used some 8mm rod to support the bed on the front end so it’s not cantilevered. Mechanically speaking, I really don’t like the cantilevered bed design of many printers.

The prints are good, but again it could use a tune-up to get higher quality. PLA and PETG print great. It’s open, so ABS is out of the question unless you build an enclosure. It would be easy to do since the frame is steel - just get some foam and magnets.

I’m asking $150 for it.


It’s sold

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