3d Printer questions

Ok, looking for some basic information. I have a pizzeria over here on west street and I am in need of some very specialized items. The first I want to print is called a sauce ring. During the process of making pizzas my overly zelous kiddos will fling sauce everywhere. That however is bad for the crust. So I want to make a sauce ring. Very simple Ring 13 inches on the outside edge and and 10.5 on the inside. I am thinking printing as the fastest way to get made what I want. But How big is the deck on a the largest 3d printer we have??? Height not a big deal 2 inches.
Second option would be making a positive out of wood and shrink molding plastic sheet over it but thought I would start with printing first.

Any suggestions??

Joseph Fowler

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i would not consider 3d printed parts to be food safe

Largest print volume is around 8x8x12 inches so you would have todo it in multiple parts.

You could pick up some food grade stainless, cut it to the circumference you need and just bolt a clamping mechanism to both sides

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The largest print volume we have is actually the CR-10s, at 300x300x400mm (11.8"x11.8"x15.7"). Still not quite big enough to print that in one piece.

3d prints from an FDM printer are generally not considered food safe. This page gives a pretty good rundown of the issues and potential solutions:

You could cut a circle out of a material using a router jig pretty quickly. A 2 inch thick piece of plastic would probably be pretty costly, though. A wooden ring might be the quickest/cheapest way to go about it.

A ceramic piece might work too, though it would be much more breakable and you would have to account for shrinkage.


Ok so reading the article I am seeing Food safe PLA from MakerBot.
I was thinking of the multiple sections and then designing in a snapping similar to snap modes and using
epoxy to shore up the joint. Thoughts

Wouldn’t epoxy defeat the purpose of using food safe PLA since epoxy isn’t food safe?

Never mind … didn’t realize there was a food safe epoxy as well. Go figure.