3D Printer Group

I’m sick and won’t be there tonight, but 3D Printer Group can still go on. @jameslancaster might be bringing a fancy printer from home to show what it can do, and Prusa 1 is reserved for the evening in case anyone wants to peer-authorize another member or do a print demonstration.

I’ll bring all the supplies to practice with heat-set inserts to the next one, which will be March 13th. Also in March, we’ll talk about TPU and how to set up the Prusas for flex filaments.


I will not be there tonight. @gemma I hope you feel better quickly.


Hope you’re feeling better! I was able to assist in guiding a member in fixing their personal printer… though I wished on more than one occasion that you were there to help me actually do it right the first time. Also got some slicing time in with some peeps. TOTALLY looking forward to doing those heat inserts, though!