3D Printer Excorcist Needed

I have officially confirmed that our Creality CR-10s is haunted by a devious poltergeist. This wayward spirit will gradually turn down the feed rate on the printer, causing it to print slower and slower until it gets down to the minimum setting of 10%, causing prints to take 10x as long as they should. If you know any qualified exorcists that have experience removing spirits frombelectronic devices, please forward their info to fablab@makeict.org.

(Some loon suggested it might just be a flaky rotary encoder that needs to be replaced, but that just seems entirely implausible.)


Maybe a bad capacitor?

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I have some sage we can smude it.

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This sounds like a known issue with a batch of CR-10s’ that people have had. The encoder/button might be worth inspecting according to this article. I don’t think I’ve had this on any CR-10s, but it might be worth checking out.

Yeah, It’s likely an issue with the encoder. It has been flaky since we got it, randomly making large jumps when changing numbers. Thanks for the link, there was some interesting discussion there.

This Reddit has a an answer that sounds simple,

Sorry I didn’t see the above link, but I was referring to using tape to insulate some of the wires.