3D Printed STEMusic Brooch

Hello MakeICT, I’m Roy Moye with STEMusic LLC and I’m wondering if someone would be able to make a 3D Printed Brooch for STEMusic. I’d like it in Orange PLA and I’ve attached some pictures of what a wooden version I had made looks like. I would need the Brooch by December 6th and I’d be willing to pay for it as well. I don’t have specific dimensions for it other than the brooch can fit in a 4in x 4in box and it was about a half inch thick.

Please let me know if this would be possible to make. Thanks!

My email is roymoye3@gmail.com


That looks like an easy request, especially if you have the file that your current part was made with. I’d offer to do it at no charge but I don’t have the correct color filament in my personal inventory. Maybe someone else can help on that end. Worst case scenario is that you’d have to purchase filament, about $20 for a kilogram on Amazon.

First things first, do you have a file?

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Hello Aaron,

Unfortunately, I don’t have a file. I just gave my logo to that individual on Instagram and he was able to create what he created. Would a logo file work? and if so, could you point me to the correct filament I’d need to purchase on Amazon?

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Logo file would likely work. Can you send it to ajdaney@gmail.com and I’ll have a look.

Also, I remembered a for sale post of a member that was reselling filament from a while back. Orange is an oprion. His price of $17 is about as cheap as you’ll reasonably find. I’ll probably pick up some as well. He said the orange is close to a Harley Orange.

For reference:

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I also have florescent orange

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Frank, what’s the easiest way to pick this up from you? I live by Towne East.

Just text me at 316-648-9043 when heading this way. Address is 4741s pattie street.
I’ll have them pulled and ready for you


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Frank, what’s the easiest way to pick this up from you? I live by Towne East.

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Awesome! I went ahead and sent that Logo over to the email address you provided. Can I send you the $17 via paypal for the orange filament?

Yes i can do paypal or cash when you pickup