3D printed skeletal foot

So either I am the best or worst wife ever cuz I just finished up printing a fully articulated model of the bones in the foot for my husband who lost his foot 2 years ago. It’s even the left one. Don’t worry…he finds it as amusing as I do. :smirk:


Lost his foot? Did he look in the garage? (Horrible joke I know)

Fully articulated? And during Halloween?

Awesome work!

Some yellowing and an inkwash would make it pop. Give it the whole “Oh, this old thing… I dug it up somewhere.” creepshow vibe.

Ooo on a moss covered stone!

You can make rocks out of foam. If they are hollow you can use one of these ( WHDTS 20mm 113KHz Ultrasonic Atomization Maker Mist Atomizer DIY Humidifier with PCB 3.7-12V https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B073322QF8/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apan_glt_fabc_BV30YTS4V56634W208NK ) to make creepy smoke coming out from under the rock.

Sorry… it’s just that season when they put out the home decorations that I like…

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Does that attach to his artificial leg? Hmmm… it would be really cool if it did and we could make it move…

Oooo what a Halloween costume!

This one doesn’t but we do have plans on creating him some custom prosthetics for costuming. He really wants a movable claw so I really need to start learning how to work with metal.