3D printed maskframe

I thought this was an interesting product that would probably help a lot of people. I was thinking of improvements. I have never used one of these but I think I would use this. Copying sucks though. Let’s make our own.

A problem I’d like to solve with masks is fogged up glasses. The air that can’t escape the fabric fast enough needs to escape somewhere besides in the direction of my eyes.

I have a solution to that the bridge needs to be wider. I use 7 1/2" bridge. I’m using 3-5 mm flat aluminum wire for jewelry making. I have extra I’d be willing to sell for $5 per roll. I can’t find the image on my computer but here’s an Instagram post.

So that metal strip is in the mask itself. I wonder if there’s a way to do it in a rigid frame that can be used with disposable masks? Maybe that metal strip could be installed over the reusable mask and fit into slots in the frame under the mask. Does that make sense?

The bridge prevents air leakage by contouring to the curves of the face and preventing the fabric from gaping. Thus air humidified and heated by your breath doesn’t escape in that direction. Without the disposable mask connecting to the frame, I don’t see how it would prevent leakage in the direction the warmer air naturally goes. If the frame had a lip to capture the top edge of the disposable mask in and the wire was a skeleton in the frame? How does silicone and PLA work together?

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I have nerve damage around my mouth due to a childhood injury and oral surgery. The mask I’ve created touches my noise and my chin for this reason. I didn’t like the pleats or the seam down the center. Today I’m working on getting a PDF pattern created and larger and smaller sizes. As I haven’t been able to produce as many as I would like to.

There are some nose clips on thingaverse that are supposed to work… might look at those.