3D print competition


Not targetting Malissa, or any other person specifically, but hoping to benefit anyone posting or following links in this forum. If you are not interested in best practices when forwarding or posting links feel free to skip the rest of this message entirely.

I would usually recommend describing a link, especially when it looks a little spammy. Give us enough information as text in the body of the message to decide whether to follow it. Even if you, or any given reader does not care about links with additional referrer information, some people will care and may not want to go to the effort to try stripping off the part of a URL after the question mark to see what the link is for.

Something like:
Ikea 3D print design competion, with prizes

Or, https://www.myminifactory.com/competition/ikea-119 Ikea 3D print design competion, with prizes.

When people get in the habit of clicking links, just because the trust the person sending it to them in email, or the person posting it in the forum they are putting themselves at risk of getting spam email, or getting a drive by malware infestation.

Mike B