3:8: Another Very Busy Day at Booth

Plenty more to do, but here’s some shots of stuff happening this afternoon. We’ve actually got some empty rooms, more great work on floors, cleaning, paint prep, reclaiming lumber, etc. etc. Even some more work on the pool table.


you guys are doing some amazing work!

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I had an awesome time wish I could have stayed longer

We had a GREAT weekend!!! THANK YOU to everyone who came out!!
We’ll be back all week.

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@Hillbilly could you call or text me, John or David.

I called John😁

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Looks great! I wish I had more time free that I could help out.

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Looking magnificent thank you all for your time and work.


Hope all is going smoothly this am and you have plenty of help!

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If there wasn’t so much junk in a few of the rooms, we could probably get every room done today.