3/19 Afternoon at Booth

I believe that the fire doors have received their very last bit of mortar to fill in the top rails and now they just need to set up before we can hang the doors. There’s cleanup work of course, but the hard part is over. Fantastic work everyone!. I believe today we had @deanday on cement mixer, and @rustin.atkeisson, @doug.wilson, and @jpalschauhan schlepping and coaxing the mortar into place.

It cleans up really well, no worries. :smile: There is a very satisfying solidness to the door frames when you knock on them now with your hand that just feels solid, good, wholesome even. No, really, it does.

Further down the hall on the other side of the ‘birthing wall’ in Ceramics the first coat of paint was sprayed on the shelf lockers and it looks great! Special thanks to @Paula and her husband Orrin for loaning their paint sprayer, and my friend Melissa for a couple hours of prep work getting ready to spray.

Also… lessons were learned… thank goodness for that old bar of LAVA soap I’ve been holding on to!

Also done but not photographed, the drywall on the interior / attic section of the firewalls is complete. Tomorrow afternoon they will insulate and put the classroom side drywall up and have that ready for the next inspection. Another giant step forward. I believe that was @bigswede and @jpalschauhan again up in the attic.

Over in the south wing some great additional shelving was added to the closet in Classroom 3 thanks to @bigswede.

If I left anyone out I’m sorry I didn’t catch you.

Thanks everyone for another hard days work. There is plenty left to do, including a bunch more boxing and a lot of cleaning over at Douglas.


Thanks for everyone working so hard.