3/18 Afternoon at Booth



*link is to a video of the cement mixer in action

Yeah, can’t seem to upload videos and the file upload cap is a bit too small for some pictures.

Here’s a couple more pictures for everyone to admire. The four Fire doors are nearly finished being filled with mortar. Just a little more of that truly awful work left to do.

We had our framing inspection which went well and we’re able to start working on drywall for the firewalls. Tomorrow should see that project dramatically closer to being finished.

Amazing team of hard working folks out today. I’m humbled to be a part of such a great group of people.

Also, cement makes powerfully strong hair gel.


You all rock…that looks great!

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Great Work was going on. Teamwork. Dean was mixing, Patrick was carrying, Doug and Rustin were slowing filling the door frames with mortar. Jai was running a small Random Orbital sander as a vibrator to help the think mortar settle in and fill the voids. Wes was doing all sorts of stuff including adjusting the shelves in Room 3 to get this Class Room ready for a future of holding learning activities for Adults, Kids and Adults with Kids. The mortar in the frames is what will hold the frames in place on those fire doors. I also heard the Inspector was impressed with the work you were doing on the Door Frames. Good Progress.