2020 Metalshop classes

Hey guys,

New year, new roll. I’m taking on the roll of Metalshop Area Lead.

I’ve already setup 2 safety classes and one lathe class for January.

Are there other classes in the metalshop area that we haven’t had for a while that you would like to see?

If people are interested, I can definitely grab some tungsten and my welding gear to teach classes on MIG, TIG, or GTAW.

I don’t have a problem with teaching classes on the EMCO manual mill, as well as the CNC plasma cutter but I will need someone else to lead up classes on powder coating and on the Tormach.


I just heard today that there was a lead position open and thought about volunteering. I could teach a manual machining class if there’s demand for it.

Btw, you could probably combine the TIG and GTAW classes. :rofl::rofl:


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I do not know of any lead positions vacant, but we’ll keep you in mind if one comes up.

You are welcome to teach a class on welding if you have already passed the safety class.

Rustin Atkeisson

MakeICT - Secretary

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I try to help people out when I can do in a way I’m already teaching. The spot I heard about was the metal shop lead, but I’m sure you’ll be fine for it!

I’m not sure what the process is for suggesting or teaching a class.

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There is a class on how to teach a class on Monday I think.

The form for setting up a class is on the MakeICT homepage at http://makeict.org/teach-a-class/

Or just talk to Kim Burton or Josh Robinson to setup the class on the calendar.

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I don’t think I ever went over the welding stuff with Jeremiah. I can teach the class, but I’d need to prove my mettle to you so you can sign me off to do so.


I’ll probably be down at 1500 douglas for a short bit on Saturday as well as there for the leads meeting/maker monday if you want to try catching me then.

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Ok, what time will that be?

Saturday - probably 10:30am to 1pm

Monday - probably 6pm to 10pm

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I will get some cnc plasma, mig/tig/stick and maybe a fusion 360 shop bot class up tonight. Feel free to help with the welding classes. Rustin if you could teach manual mill that would be great! Tormach doesnt really have a “class” per say but if you are looking to get checked out expect to spend about a month or two coming every Tuesday to Jimmy and Steve’s project night if you have no/little 3d cnc/fusion experience, Cnc router (shopbot) experience helps a ton. Obviously if you have experience that time will be significantly shorter. Expect to spent about $250 on tooling/material/etc.

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Thanks Jimmy,

That would be a great lineup of classes.

I could probably line up a class on the Emco manual Mill in the near future if there are people requesting the class, but right now most of my energy is going into getting everything lined up at booth for the metalshop, so help and communication is greatly appreciated.

I’ll see if I can stop by for a few minutes around 6pm this evening if that works for you.

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I would definitely sign up for an Emco manual mill class. But I’m fine with waiting until we get to the new building if time is tight.

That would be great! See you then.

If there’s interest, I could teach a manual mill or lathe class.

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I really would like to learn lathe safety and technical skills required to operate including cutting threads
Also still want to learn plasma table

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I will be having another lathe class coming up in February, I just finished up one this weekend.

Rustin I put MIG, TIG, Lathe & Powder Coating classes on the schedule for February.

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I’m in

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I can do welding classes. I would want to go through the curriculum with you if you need help there.