13 Classes Scheduled for December

We’ve got some classes just in time for Christmas and to help with Christmas gifts.

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I was looking at the list of classes and noticed that some of the locations showed the old Douglas building.

Thanks, I know there’s a FB glitch. I will go through them and make sure they all have the current location.

noticed this on the wiki

I’ll try to get to that.

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@IT I tried to edit this but it appears my authorizations have changed. I can’t even edit my own user page.

As long as you are logged in you should be able to edit most pages. I went ahead and updated that page.

So when I log in there’s no error message but it still says login at the top right corner. This is the same thing it did last time I tried.

Weird. Have you logged in since we moved the site early this year?

You have to make sure that you are using the site via HTTPS. So, add the S to the start of your URL and log in. Then, after every time you save a change, the site kicks you back to HTTP, so you’ll have to add back the S. There’s some unresolved issue with the wiki that’s causing this. That’s how I’ve worked around it.

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Really? I haven’t had any issues over HTTP.

When I tried to fix this was the first time