12 screens

I made 12 7x7 screens for my event Sunday. I thought they would fit in a box I made but not so much. They are in the dark box but I didn’t put my name on them. They only take 1 slot. They’ll be out Friday. Now to draw 12 bugs. If you would like to contribute email me a bug 5x5 or less.



Awesome this is s huge help for me I want to create some permanent silkscreens I got material just did not know how I was going to apply emulsion. simple wooden frames fits the bill perfectly! Thx


Not to drag up old topics, but how do you make sure your screens are under enough tension?

I just secure them like I did upholstery. Complete staple one side then pull taunt and staple the parallel side. Then do the 2 opposite side using the same method. I now also own a set of canvas stretchers which will help as well.

in my case i am printing my screens then cutting them off to use for wraps around ceramic silk-screening so it is not as important to me to fix permanently so i use the same method except with hot glue and my frames i cut out on laser in one piece out of thin plywood

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