100 dice

Does anyone have a file for a 3d resin printed 100 sided dice or a dice software maker ?

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Ya I seen that one on Thingiverse I was turned off by the numbers they did not looked aligned

Theres a bunch of them on that stl finder site that dont have any numbers.

So I tried this one on my FDM printer it worked kinna where there was supports it did not show the numbers very well

Went back and made one on resin printer
And wow

Slight dimpling on support side no biggie

Will not effect final product
If any of you seasoned resin vets know of a way to clean this up I’m all ears !


Which resin printer do you have, and what slicer software are you using with it?

Anycube proton
I start with chitubox save as stl
Then open in proton slicer
Chitubox has some nice support settings

Most of the recommendations I’ve seen have been to use PrusaSlicer’s supports. I haven’t tried it myself yet, but I’ve seen multiple posts saying that they caused less marks to be left on the print.

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Thx I’ll give it a shot

Tried to use prusa supports when I tried to move it over to my photon slicer as a stl it would not let me select option to move plate with supports out of prusa slicer just the object only and thoughts

What version are you using? I was able to export the plate with supports using 2.2.0 without any issues with File > Export > Export plate as STL including supports. The only way I could get the option to be disabled was by disabling supports.

I updated version but it still wont let me select

Choice is greyed out.
Where is the option to turn on and of supports you mentioned

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There are a couple places for support settings. Do you have the SL1 selected?