1.0 mm nozzle

Anyone successfully used a 1.0mm nozzle on 3d printer?
Using ender 3 pro
210deg hotend
70deg bed
50 speed
80layer height
63 first layer
Having problems getting first layer to stick

You using a sheet of paper to feel teh height of the bed on all four corners?

Yep freshly checked

I’m running a 1.2mm nozzle on a volcano right now with 2.9ish mm ABS on my old school RapMan3.1. I’m knocking out structural prints in half the time with a .5mm layer height.

The prints are coming out pretty good. I just got through printing about 50 21700 lithium battery stand-ins for a battery pack I’m playing with for the roadster. My Dragon Forges were taking about 9hrs to print 12 cells at a time with a 0.4mm nozzle, but the RapMan was cranking them out in under 4hrs with that thick layer height.


Gonna keep my ender 3 pro at .4mm but I’ll try to get a volcano for my ender 5 plus it makes more since to upgrade larger printer

you end of losing a little bit of your maximum Z height with the Volcano (it’s a longer heat chamber than the standard e3d) but you definitely need that larger heat zone for the nozzle output.

There is also a super volcano extruder out there, but I have not dug too deeply into that one. It has an even longer heat chamber, but I’ve got a feeling that also takes a beefier heat cartridge to keep the temperature up there. My volcano seems to max out around 255 C for some reason (I think I’ve been able to hit 280C with the basic e3d head).

I’ve looked into super volcano it is cool says it can be upgraded to reach 500° it uses a mosfet to manage extra energy I think it is not something I am gonna pursue at this time. Cool tech though!!
Probably will upgrade ender 5 plus with reg volcano

Had a successful print with my .8mm nozzle it would have took 2.5 with a .4 mm
But an .8mm took just 55 min