YouTube Series on Make ICT

Hello! I’m a filmmaker, videographer, actress, and YouTuber, who’s currently out of work, and I have an idea! Who do I need to talk to about creating a YouTube series for Make ICT? Now is the perfect time to plan it while things are being finished at the new location because we wouldn’t be able to film until all that is ready anyway. I don’t wanna put too many details here about it but I would love to talk to the people in charge about this :blush:

My YouTube page is “Wanderlust Odyssey” and my e-mail is


I have access to the YouTube for MakeICT and do our Social media. I’d be happy to upload and share whatever you Create. I also had some film training about a year ago and I need to practice what I learned.


I checked out your YouTube schoolie page. Pretty awsome!

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