WTB: Windows 7 32b or Windows XP laptop

Hey guys! The title says it all, I’m in search of a good-ole-fashioned Windows XP (prefered) or Windows 7 32bit laptop. Hoping to do some programming on my old BMW!

I’ve got several different older laptop sitting on a shelf. They are in good condition but I need to wipe the hard drives.

I have some IBM thinkpad t43’s, maybe a t60, a x201t and maybe some others too.

I also have some older HP’s I think a 2530p and a 2560p. And an older in motion slate style tablet.

I’ll have to check the specs on all of these but I’m sure they will All have single or dual core with WiFi cards and ram between 1-8gb. I can probably make give you max ram on the t43’s.

Let me know how much you want to spend and I’m sure we can work something out if you need something specific in the machine, I may have it along with factory recovery discs and official docking stations.

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Great to hear!

Really not too much is important to me. It will be use very infrequently so I’m trying to spend as little as reasonable, and I don’t believe anything i will be doing is at all power hungry.

Ok I’ll just give you a t43 for free. Shoot me a private message and we can coordinate a time and place to meet, probably make ict. I still haven’t gone through the orientation to update my badge for the new place. I need to figure that out but we’ll chat.

Best regards

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