WTB vehicle

I have a pressing need for a basic, reliable, affordable vehicle.

I have some preferences, but more importantly I have only limited income and assets due to physical disability and requirements imposed to receive Medicaid and SSI.

Anything over about $1200 would require borrowing from my brother, who does not live in Wichita.

Anything with excessive insurance, taxes, maintenance costs is to be avoided.

Have been monitoring Craigslist, Facebook marketplace and some Facebook groups, but suitable vehicles few and gone too quickly.

Anyone? Ideas?


I useta know where ya could get a nice 'letric bus. Like onnadem Tesla things. It was a real hot item I hear

I would have loved to have that bus. A plug-in electric would get me everywhere I go and I never use up the LIEAP credit on my electric bill in a year.

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I have a 2007 Kia Rio manual drive needs AC replaced. I barted it from a friend for sewing lesson at first. We kept it after getting the Subaru because we weren’t ready to part with it. I think I want $750 for it but haven’t done a lot of research about what it’s worth. If you need AC I’d be willing to allow you to take care of that first and make payments.