Working AC in west Woodshop

Thanks Steve, Joe, Rustin, and everybody else who helped mske this happen!


Now -that- is an intake. How many mpg do you get with a header like that?

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Actually, we already tripped the 20 amp breaker it’s on.

Anybody got some thoughts on that development?

Nothing else is supposed to be on that breaker?

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I believe it was alone in it’s power consumption

Did it trip while trying to work on high? Haven’t looked at the FabLab one but this one might need the same note.

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Fyi, that “intake” is MERV 13 which has much more resistance than the lint trap that the unit comes with stock. However we’re talking 1.5 sf of lint trap and over 30 sf of MERV 13

Does the fablab AC trip breakers often then?

If the blower fan is having to fight to pull in air it might be the source of the tripping.

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At more than twenty times more surface area of filter media I’m hoping that’s not the case, but I did want to present the facts as I know them.

Also, I only know of the single trip, could be a fuke as nothing has been plugged in there for a hot minute.

The surface area of the new filters is aprox 43.5416667 sf, the original is 1.375 sf. So there’s 31.6666666666 times more filter area to compensate for increased resistance.

The fan was on high, I’ve set it on low and am letting it run to see the breaker behavior.

Can you easily run it without the filters for a little while (when it’s not dusty, of course)? If it doesn’t trip while completely unrestricted, but then does trip with the filters, then you can make some educated guesses.

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@David doing so presently

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Looks like I’ll be getting cheaper filters

Would it work if a box fan was used to draw air into the chamber?

Doug has said that cheaper filters worked well at the old building so I think I’ll try that route. I’ll use the merv 11 filters for larger air cleaners as originally intended.

Am curious about the Jet Air Filtration Units under the ShopBot, are hepa/merv filters not available for these?

I wish HEPA filters were available for them. They are very inexpensive units. I’d have a dozen of them all over ceramics by now LOL.


The Jet air cleaners are listed at 98% efficient at 5 microns, and 85% at 1 micron. They are much better than nothing. Both be put in place in the West Woodshop next week.


Ive read where wooden ductwork might create a mold issue with condensation and all and could possibly be a code violation. I think there might actually be Merv filters available for these units, ill do some internet searching later.