Anyone know the best way to add a batch number lookup tool to a wordpress website? I need something that shows product manufacturers’ test results that can be looked up on the site using the batch number printed on the product. I don’t want it to be a search tool that returns results fron the entire site. Just the test results for the number entered.

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I know wordpress really well, is this number on the product a specific taxonomy, tag, etc? Are you using an ecommerce solution like woocommerce for the products?

There are no products. I need to be able to upload .pdfs that are only retrievable by exact batch number.

You might try the Relevanssi plugin: https://www.relevanssi.com/knowledge-base/indexing-searching-pdfs-wordpress/


That looks pretty useful! Thanks!

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it’s quite configurable for enhancing the regular wordpress search. I’ve used it for the auto complete feature a lot