Woodworking CAD

Hello All,

I have experience with CAD software such as Solidworks, Fusion 360, and a few others. However, I am most used to these in a Metal Shop/CNC environment. Is there better software (free or cheap ideally) for furniture and general woodworking?

I know that Easel is taught for the CNC Router, so I want to make sure that whatever software I use to do design and planning can be used with the CNC Router (compatible with Easel or just the Router itself)

Any Recommendations?

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@FabLab Would love to know if there is any special software for the Laser Cutters too.

You can use Fusion 360 with pretty much any of our CNC machines. For the lasers you would export a DXF and use Lightburn to set up the toolpaths, but with most other machines you can set it up to generate the gcode that will run on the machine.


I use F360 for all of my work. The important part is making sure you use a post processor that will spit out programs the machine you are using will recognize, in this case Linux CNC.

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