Woodshop Wishlist

It’s come to my attention that the Woodshop is overdue for some new toys. Out of curiosity, what are ya’ll thinking?

Personally, I’ve got my eye on some new forstner bits (spelling) and some carbide tipped lathe tools.

Well, waddaya think?

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So I am mostly interested in building shelves/organized storage and more functional work space in the shop, but since you asked…

A few more drafting tools (french curves, a drawing bow, pencils)
A sliding compound miter saw would be cool, but of course it’s not necessary
It might be nice to take inventory of the smaller tools/equipment and see what might need repaired or replaced.
A taper/bevel table saw jig
A concealed hinge jig
A few bench cookies

That’s what I could think of w/ my limited knowledge level.


blue tooth surround sound system might be nice…so i can blast Sousa early in the mornings on weekends.

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Carbide lathe tools would be great for the shop. They are very user friendly for beginners and don’t require sharpening. Both the Savannah full sized set and or the easy wood full sized set should cover most needs

Yeah, I would +1 that idea as well.


12" delta cruzer would be absolutely amazing… Also I just got the leftovers from an elderly gentleman’s estate sale. In his wood shop we’re stacks of plans for a plethora of projects, templates, and other “treasures” in will be going through them soon and will be speaking with Doug Wednesday about the possibility of donating them to the shop

Our own Tenon cutter / Cutters


An 18" overhead drum sander would be fantastic (about $900) A 37" drum sander is perfect for oak tabletops (about $4000).

Those may be too pricey.

If that’s too much, how about some high-quality carbide Forstner bits or a fully-stocked twist drill index? Also a Magswitch magnetic featherboard for the table saw. A moisture gauge.

My #1 request is for a Veritas MK II Honing Guide. Best thing I ever used for sharpening chisels and planes.

We do have a 1.00 tenon cutter.

I have two carbide forster bits. One of best investments ever. I also have a 5 peice set of woodcraft plug and teon cutters that are handy, $69.50.