Woodshop upgrades start (edit) Friday (not Wednesday)

Starting Friday (not Wednesday as originally planned) I’ll be spending some significant time in the shop working on storage, dust collection, organization, and such.
I will be starting my days early and will stay through 1 or 2 in the afternoon to beat the heat.
I will need help cleaning, demo-ing, building, lifting, dragging, assembling, tuning, calibrating, and many other -ings.
From this work a number of shop projects that individuals are encouraged to take up will also be produced.
Please let me know or just show up if you want to lend a hand.


What’s early 5AM, 7AM something different?

On Wednesday probably 7:30
Thursday and friday, 5 am

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What about us that have time between 4-6 on the weekdays to help out? You going to leave a list or post it here on this thread?


Starting that list is something I look to do Wednesday. I will ask that people reach out to me when working on it. Will post and pin to the forum as well as posting physical copies in the appropriate room. I may provide plans with many projects, definitely willing to entertain other ideas too

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Hey I am a member and signed up for Orientation foe the 9th, but i really would like to use the shop a little before then. is there any time tthis week or weekend you or someone might be there when i could clean up a few board for a project i am starting?

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Having to hold off til Friday on this initiative.
@Eric_Peterson I’ll be in touch to try to help you with your project. Have you taken the Woodshop Authorization Class?

yes i took it several months ago

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@Eric_Peterson Great, meet Saturday morning?

im leaving town Saturday, could i meet you there sometime before then? i work between 7 - 3:30 normally,
but i would be willing to meet you there whenever. i could go in late or leave early. if it was today though i would need to go get my boards.

I’ll be there Friday by 6

ok cool i will try to come by early… around 6

Are you working on this project Saturday morning and need help? If so what time?

7 til I’m ready to continue my weekend! Probably 11 or noon if today was a good indicator

Tuesday I should be around about then

Apologies, I am not going to be able to make it in today


If you put a time you are coming in post here on this thread or another. Tag me and others that indicate they will try to come in and help. The note below most posts says Tag with the @ to notify a person. That way I don’t have to check the Forum every day.


@John.Nicholas Wednesday and Thursday 8:30 -3

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